Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4:58 AM

Google DMCA Logo

Last week, Google declared that valid DMCA requests are component of their algorithm for search quality.

I feel and expected a bunch of fresh SEO services to come up where anyone would pay a monthly fee to submit your competitor’s sites to Google DMCA forms. We expected that DMCA lower requests would rise.

This month Google’s transparency report shows the take down request Vs August 20th and the number is somewhat down from the 13th to the 20th August.

Google DMCA Request 13 August

Google DMCA Auguest 20 Request

In fact, it is reduced almost 5%. August 13th had, 496,220 and August 20th had 1,427,369 take down requests.

I feel that it is way too soon to tell now, but I’d expect the number to proceed to increase, with or without it existing part of the Google algorithm.