Thursday, September 13, 2012

6:50 AM

Submit Video Topics And Webmaster Questions

Ask Matt Cutts Questions For His Videos

Two days back, Matt Cutts announced on Google+ that he is now taking questions for this next round of videos to be paced to the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel.

You can submit your queries via Google Moderator where others can boost up your questions and you can submit or vote on other questions. The ultimate goal is to get the most significant questions replied by Matt Cutts first by using his moderator system.

Matt Cutt Moderator

In every batch, Matt Cutts and his team, discover a way to make the video quality and replies better. If you recall, the first few were not done that good, but as they do increasingly, the quality keeps on getting better.

The YouTube channel now has crossed the mark 8,750,000 video views. So clearly folks are gaining on some level from these.