Friday, September 7, 2012

8:22 AM

Microsoft and Google Cheating

Since a year and a half ago, Google found that Microsoft for tracking click data on Google by IE. It was a large deal and It injury the reputation of both Microsoft and even Google.

That being said, scorn this going on well over a year ago, Google say Bing is still doing it!

A Hacker News thread has Google’s head of search spam, a Google discerned engineer, saying
Last time I checked, it looked like Bing was still using clicks on Google search results as a signal in Bing's rankings.

Precisely when was the last time he inspection, I am not sure but to say that, I suspect he mean sometime within the past few months.

Are you guys dreading Microsoft is still doing this?

Or is it a sensible search quality metric to track and use for Bing to better their algorithm?

I guess Microsoft never said they will stop tracking clicks form Google’s search results.