Friday, September 7, 2012

4:50 AM

Google Update Penguin

Yesterday morning Barry Schwartz has been trying hard to get, Google to give him a statement. He said that normally Google respond within 24 hours with a yay or nay to question if there is a Google update. He has emailed them three times and didn’t get a single reply.

I was seeing another surge yesterday morning in SEO and webmaster discussion around a possible Google update. The discussion is coming from two Webmaster World threads and increase in communication around this began yesterday last night and early this morning.

Just to bring you to up to speed. Last week ago today, we wrote on update rumors, which Google has not confirmed or denied. On Tuesday, we provided an update on those search results variations and emailed Google again, with no reply. This morning, I am seeing even more conjecture and emailed Google early this morning asking again for a reply, So far, nothing he got yet.

So whether the Google PR team is on holiday, the Google PR team hates Barry Schwartz, or something is going on but they cannot get any feedback.

I judge that yes, the Google PR team hatreds Barry Schwartz, but also yes, something is going on, they are testing things and a full roll out is about to occur.

Barry Schwartz judges a Penguin refresh. We are expecting the upcoming Penguin update to be jarring and jolting and we know we hadn’t had a major refresh in over three months, since the Penguin update 1.1.

I can be incorrect, I am frequently incorrect, but something large is arriving and I feel it in my bones.