Monday, September 17, 2012

7:14 AM

Google Launched An Update This Week To Improve Domain Diversity

Google Logo

On Friday, I believed there was a Panda Algorithm update and seemingly I was incorrect, I wasn’t 100% wrong, there was an update for diversification of the search outcomes.

The head of Google’s spam team Matt Cutts said on Twitter; Google issued an update that “improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned."

I am still confused about that. Did they really? I have searched on Google search engine bobs furniture and christopher jagmin plates and check out how there is one listing for and then the Google places and the other remaining 9 results are from Is that diverse? And I see this on dozens and dozens of instances.

Google Diversification Bobs Search Results
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Christopher Jagmin Plates Google Search Results
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We’ll update as we get more data and information.