Monday, October 1, 2012

10:34 AM

Google Images Logo

I have got great news for webmasters and SEOs. I have read article about Google image search in WebmasterWorld thread and Google Webmaster Help thread and this update have posted on it. The WebmasterWorld one arrives from someone who has been monitoring the Google Image Search index.

It is not frequently where forum user, Zeus, calls any update “Large” but here he did. He said, there are "Extreme Changes" in the Google Image Search index.

Another user said he ranked very good for eight years and without warning, his pictures are not available to be found for their core keyword searches.

Did anyone observe a major picture search update at Google?

Yet, there is no official news from Google on this new update; in fact, Google has never really offered "weather reports" for image search updates.

Perhaps it has to do with the exact match domain (EMD) Google update?

Please note that I am not sure if this update will go back to normal between the time periods.

Google Image Ranking Factors:

Almost I spend two hours to understand the significant given to each of the ranking factors, which have most effect and which have lower effect on the position. What I did was equate the following factors.

  1. Picture ALT tag text
  2. Picture Title Tag
  3. Search Text in filename of pictures
  4. Search Text in URL of page containing the picture
  5. PageRank of page containing the picture
  6. Search text in TITLE tag of the page
  7. Proximity of search text before the picture (in the HTML)
  8. Proximity of search text after the picture (in the HTML)
  9. Search Text in a H1, H2 and other heading tag