Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2:33 AM

Guest Blogging: Google Says Yes,No

Guest Blogging
 If you guys remember that a month ago, I published a post about how Matt Cutts of Google said guest blogging can be good. But briefly after writing that, a guest blogger ask me about where they should put links in their guest blogs. Should they place two or one.

I sent him the video and they reply, “OK”, so how many backlinks. “ it is like I want to slam my hand against a wall.

Now, Matt Cutts created another video about "spammy" guest blogging and how Google would tak action against it. Here is the video, look it:

Google Matt Cutts Automated Transcript From YouTube:

0:00 today's question comes from india mindy did the asks currently guess plugin is
0:06 the favorite activity webmasters printing technician
0:09 due to its easy nature lots of spinning activities are going on like article
0:13 spending etcetera
0:14 is google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blog
0:18 it's funny because i did a video uh... another video recently about responding
0:23 and it was sort of like saying well can't it be a an ok activity i was so
0:27 it's sort of saying well if you get a really high quality ponder it can uh...
0:31 but this is the flip side and i wanted specifically address that as well
0:35 if if you were doing so many guests blogs that you were doing article
0:39 spending and likewise if you're allowing so many guest bloggers theory about
0:43 things like spun belongs where people are really writing real content of their
0:47 own and that is a pretty big had indicator of quality and
0:52 if your website links to sites that we consider low quality of spanish i can't
0:56 picture size reputation so the short answer is yes google is willing to take
1:00 action if we c_-span your low quality ordained exploding when everyone call it
1:05 it's basically just placing low quality articles on that side
1:09 and so i i would be cautious about using that as a primary link acquisition
1:13 strategy and if you have a website
1:15 we'll just let anybody post uh... probably the kinds of links that you get
1:19 embedded in those articles as a result might affect your site reputation so do
1:24 you think about that don't just enough a go of course it's called s body and
1:28 therefore it must be good you always as the site owner or as the person who's
1:33 trying to get links have to think about quality of the links the quality of the
1:36 content of the amount of work that's been is put into it and fundamentally
1:40 whether users are gonna be happy to end on that page if it's down to the level
1:44 where outspent activities are taking place one of the article spending or
1:48 really low quality syndication or whatever
1:51 that is the sort of thing where those results are going to make users are
1:54 happy
1:54 and therefore google is going to be interested in ways to stop it
1:58 so do you think about that whenever you're thinking about the the retina
2:00 kaspar post or
2:02 having a guest blogger place article on your site

So do you realize better? Great, so go with two backlinks. Just bantering.