Wednesday, November 14, 2012

6:22 AM

SiteWide BackLinks

Since Google launched the Google Penguin and its update versions, the way we get backlinks has varied a lot. Different old times, where volume of backlinks matters the most, the process of backlinks has changed, today the quality and relevancy of backlinks which matters the most. I memorize the time, two year back when I was getting paid sidewide backlink chances from various bloggers and webmasters. But after Google Penguin released for any kind of spam looking links, one of the most ordinary search engine optimization (SEO) asked: Is sitewide backlinks valued or it may have wrong impact on site/blog?

If anyone have seen various good sites like Wpmu and quickonlinetips were penalized for getting sidewide (Blogroll) backlinks using free WordPress theme and people think that a sitewide backlink bring wrong impact in search engine optimization (SEO). Although this is not entirely correct as mentioned by Google head of SPAM team Matt Cutts in webmaster video and in this post. I will be sharing my penetration on getting sidewide links in the correct way.

How Sitewide Backlinks Impact Search Engine Optimization?

There are various techniques which SEO folks are using nowadays so, it doesn’t matter what techniques you are currently applying to get backlinks to your website or blog, but SEO’s forget to think that which strategy is matter in links and how relevant those links are. For instance, here at SEMandSEO, I discuss about Blogging, SEO and Pinterest all the time and If I link to sites like Seroundtable, SearchEngineland and SearchEngineWatch in an post or even maintain a sitewide in sidebar and giving them sitewide links, that technique is entirely natural and relevant, when you get unnatural backlink like when I add an exact match backlinks to any irrelevant domains like “Porn site” “Trading sites” and so on.

Before entering insight to this, let’s have a view at what Google Matt Cutts have to say about blogroll backlinks and how Google count them (ONE links or SEVERAL backlinks):

Google Matt Cutt said that in video is: Sitewide backlinks are not risky until they are natural and relevant. Meantime, getting backlinks from website footer like “Powered by ABC firm” or “Free Blogger theme by ABC” are not so fruitful now, as you can’t operate where these backlinks are arriving from.

Earlier, publishing free blogger theme or page element is one of the simple and easy paths to get a Permanent link from all the pages of a domain, but now this technique of getting backlinks are considered as spammy and perhaps you might be lockup by Google Penguin Algorithm Update. If you can’t control which niche is utilizing your free theme and plugin, and you finish up making dozen of irrelevant backlinks to your website with exact anchor text.

If you are using Google Disavow link tool, I won’t suggested to get sitewide backlinks utilizing such techniques, which is out of your control. Although, the true way to get a domain wide link is by asking blogger or webmasters to link to your website in Blogroll only if it’s relevant your domain or you also try sponsored link (Again relevancy is the key) but I am not completely sure about sponsored link because Barry Schwartz also used this technique in their site and Google reduce her site PageRank so, Kindly read deeply about sponsored link then use it. Everyone knows that three way link pyramid is yet useful.

What’s the best and natural ways to get sitewide link?

There are so many ways by which anyone can get pure siitewide backlinks from website footer of a website or from BlogRoll. Although the axe hangs on both the party: Website giving link and Website which is getting links.

For design and Web development site:

IF you want backlink then there is a good idea to get backlink from blog post than a sitewide footer link to your Website design and development site. One most important thing which you would like to keep in mind is: Get backlink to your brand name in place of search engine optimization (SEO) Anchor Text.

On Smashingapps sitewide links

BlogRoll Backlinks:

Previously, I have discussed about pros of outbound link for SEO, and keeping in the mind, a BlogRoll backlinks to similar niche site is not a bad idea. In fact, when you are connecting out to an authoritive site with a sitewide Blogroll link, it’s not gives you any negative impact. I have seen carious website and love to give sitewide link to useful Websites in the similar category, and so far I have not seen any of them getting affected by Google Penguin Algorithm update.  Check out the above picture carried from Smashingapps which maintain a sitewide blog roll link to quality and authoritative domains.

One thing which you need to ignore here is: Utilizing two way link exchange as Google Algorithm considered it as spam and perhaps you might be get punish for the similar. The good way to get Blogroll link is using a 3 way link Pyramid. Even you you are going for paid blogroll link (Yes folk do it), make sure it seems natural and you not connecting out to spam website or different niche website.

If you anyone got penalized for getting sidewide Backlinks? What other techniqies you are utilizing to get domain wide links and how do you 100% sure, that such backlinks will not give wrong impact on your website?