Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Blog Post Indexing

Since everyone is into blogging these days, it’s important to get indexed quickly. The competition is pretty natural and some blogging enthusiasts are coming up with intriguing content that never fails to get readership. This creates more challenges for emerging bloggers. However, if you are a blogging buff, some of these tips will help you get indexed faster which in turn increases readership for your precious blogs.

Add A Touch Of  Social Media

Some prominent networking sites like Facebook or Twitter present a good way to social networking. These sites prove to be a big boost for emerging bloggers as well. Getting a blogger who does not have an account on these sites would be a rare thing. Most of the people are active on social networking sites so with the touch of social media, there is a likelihood of better readership which eventually speeds up post indexing.

Complement it With Google+

Google+ Logo

From the basket of Google comes yet another surprise, the social networking site Google plus. This website can have a major role in indexing your blog post. Bloggers will find better indexing for their post if it is shared in Google plus. .

Hunt For A Google Ping List

Hunt For A Google Ping List

To get your blog post registered in Google in less than 30 seconds, the Google ping list will come in handy. Being a blogger, you can search for some good Google ping services but your goal is to settle for the best option. Therefore maintaining a ping list is essential to get your blog post registered and noted in search engines. .

Say Digg

Say Digg

Digg is basically a news website that is slowly but surely making its way into the Google mainstream along with other eminent search engines. A blogger intending to get their blog posts indexed can certainly become a fan of Digg. .

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