Thursday, November 15, 2012

6:49 AM

E-commerce Mistake

There is nothing more frustrating than a frequently crashing ecommerce website when you have managed to gather a good number of customers. The truth of the matter is that Ecommerce website owners are stuck in a neck to neck competition and they must keep track of their mistakes if they intend to move ahead swiftly. Ecommerce business can to be a huge success only if it is continued with the right strategy and by avoiding some frequent mistakes.

Sluggish Landing Pages

A page that takes forever to load will make even the most interested visitors scram without looking back. Besides, the problem of slow landing page is not something that cannot be corrected. By reducing the loading time of your ecommerce website, it will have a huge impact in retaining the number of potential clients.

Poor Browsing On Some Browsers

A good number of users go for chrome but there are some who still user older browsers. a common mistake by ecommerce web developers is that they overlook the performance of their ecommerce site in different browsers. This will again limit the number of potential customers visiting your site. So the results of the ecommerce website must be checked in all browsers.

Inappropriate Design

Ecommerce websites are all about trade so you can expect to see a lot of visitors aka buyers. Now if the website has unattractive or poor design, it will fail to register in the minds of first time visitors. One cannot deny the importance of web design.

Few Images

The best way to turn visits to leads is by adding relevant product images in the ecommerce website. How else could you expect to convince the uninterested buyer? Whatever the product is, there must be sufficient images from different angles otherwise, the user can simply switch away to any other ecommerce website.