Friday, November 9, 2012

2:32 PM

21th Google Panda Update

Since months I am very curious about Google next Panda Update. All webmasters were apprehensively waiting for a Google PageRank update, but Google did entirely reverse by delivering out a taunting Google Panda 21th Algorithm Update. Since, the last 20th Panda algorithm was pushed out on 4 Sept 2012. So it is perfect time to witness yet another refresh. This new 21th Google Panda Refreshment affects around 0.4% search queries for a normal visitant. Nevertheless, US users will get few over the top treatment because for them around 1.1% of search queries are affected. It looks to be a small refresh because it hardly affected less than 0.5% search quires globally. Today we will talk about more about the 21th Google Panda Update. At the end of this article, as always we will render some unique but magnificent tips to recover from any Google algorithms.

Google Panda 21th Algorithm:

Lot of the Blogger and Webmasters might be wondering that all Google Algorithms used to have their own fresh version. Nonetheless, now we are not naming them in variations. As we mentioned above part, that the effect of this refreshment was very slim, so it’s quite clear that the maximum of webmasters would not observe any vary in their website traffic. Following is the screenshot of Google’s verification about the 21th Google Panda Update.

Google Panda 21th Algorithm Update

Comparing Panda 20th with 21th:

When we equate these two Google Panda Updates with together, the outcomes are pretty much risible because Google Panda 20th was foremost update while 21th is a small one. We are still in stagnancy either the effects of this Google Panda 21th are small because various webmasters are eye-witness a decline in their website traffic. However, Google refuses saying that this is a foremost refresh. Consider the following screenshot, which displays the effects of the both Google algorithm refreshments.

Google Panda 20th and Google Panda 21th

Some Quick Tips To Recover From Algorithm Penalization:

Concentrate on Website and BLOG: I have seen several of webmasters and bloggers who waste their valued time and money on recruiting people for the sake of blog commenting on other’s blogs. Instead of getting number of backlins focus on content and people will link to you automatically.

Keep an Eye on Copiers: Google never check that who publishes the article first, it’s essential that a webmaster should take care of Content stealers. When the Google and other bots would find the similar content on countless websites they will whether penalize copiers or the original content owner. To defend yourself from any kind of penalization keep any eye on the content stealers

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