Thursday, November 8, 2012

5:59 AM

Windows 8 is here

Windows Phone 8 - the Microsoft-developed smartphone ecosystem that differentiates itself from the competition by leaps and bounds. It promises to be exactly what the app developers and users have been clamoring for. The Redmond-based software giant is out to stake its claim in the mobile OS ecosystem wars with the debut of WP8.

Here are some features that Windows Phone 8 developers can take advantage of :

High-definition 720p Apps

Windows Phone 8 is blazingly fast and it’s got the display and graphics power to match it. The Modern (or Metro) UI is buttery smooth. For developers, the access to beefier and speedier specs ensures that true HD quality games and apps can now feel right at home at WP8.

In order to ease development time, apps made for Windows RT can be easily ported to Windows Phone 8 platform cost-effectively. This is possible because of the Windows NT powered codebase that is shared between the desktop-oriented Windows RT with the mobile OS flavor of WP8.

Flexible HomeScreen Options

With WP8, Microsoft has flooded the entirety of its phone display with dynamically updating Live Tiles. This is a pretty revolutionary feature for WP8 app developers to exploit. They can code their apps to display stats and information in a variety of ways. It’s ease of use and flexibility for personalization means that users will be using the Live Tile versions of the apps a lot more. Here’s how developers can make their apps utilize Live Tiles to the fullest:

  • The 1x1 Live Tile is good for icon placement. Takes up the least place but is easier to display on the homescreen.
  • The 2x2 Live Tile is good for providing users with the most basic yet important in-app notifications at a glance.
  • The 4x2 Live Tile give developers a lot of leeway with data visualization and dynamic functionality. The wide canvas can be used to make your apps come alive with animations and more notifications.

Multi-core apps

Developers can now integrate multi-core support in their apps to make them more responsive and capable. The previous generation WP7 apps could only make do with single core support but not anymore. Microsoft says that the WP8 code is capable of handling 64 cores theoretically. This is something that is yet to be seen as the adoption rate of WP8 grows and hardware manufacturers follow suit with more powerful handsets.

WP8 - Windows Phone 8

All in all, WP8 is a revolutionary product. With over 120,000 apps at launch and 46 of the 50 most popular apps already available at launch, Microsoft is pulling out all stops this time. We at Social Cubix are armed with tools and top notch developers to become the part of this shift. So call us today and hire our future-proof app development services.