Friday, November 30, 2012

3:28 PM

Microsoft Bing Says: Don't Get Scroogled By Google - Don’t Get Scroogled

Microsoft Bing Scroogled

Few minute back, I have seen post about Microsoft Bing set up another new marketing campaign on the new Top level domain

In this new advertising campaign domain explain how Google has ever said their search outcomes will be indifferent and the advertising's won’t play an act in the organic search results. But now, Google changed the shopping mode because old shopping search is purely free but now Google switched shopping search to a strictly paid channel.

Danny Sullivan described that when Google is doing this, Bing is calling them out for the similar thing Bing Shopping does.

Bing is attacking Google over its shift to a pay-for-play shopping search engine through a new "Scroogled" site, pledging that Bing has "honest search." Great campaign, if it were true. It's not. Bing itself does the same things it accuses Google of. It’s also another indictment of how little the FTC is doing to protect consumers from “search results” they might not realize are ads.

You can review the site out to look how Bing goes about it.

Comparing The “Honesty” Of Google & Bing

Lego Death Star Bing

Here’s the similar search on Google, which also search similar on Google shopping

Lego Death Star Google