Friday, November 30, 2012

2:29 PM

Google Top Contributors

There are lots of peoples who are doing free job for Google. These Google's Top Contributors are belonging to every part of world whether it’s ASIA, Europe or other parts. The spend dozens of their free time and frequently company time, as you seen the in Google help forum, where peoples are giving free advices of questions from frustrated Google consumers.

Now Google plan out the some major credit and recognition for top contributors on the office Google Blog. They also set up a web portal just for them at

On this platform, it share details about that a top contributor is, who are the Google top contributors and how to become top contributors. I also have some of my favorite top contributors are in these videos talking about what they do. Last not least Google share the various benefits of becoming a Google top contributor, containing:

  1. You Get Product Knowledge
  2. and Acknowledged Expertise
  3. and Special Access To Googlers and Events
Google Top Contributors Faces

I don’t why Google launched this portal. These Google top contributors don’t need any reward. They love helping people. I feel that these guys deserve a lot more.

How To Join Google Top Contributors:

  1. Participate in the community
  2. Learn from Googlers and Top Contributors
  3. Let us know you’re interested
  4. Become a Rising Star
  5. Hone your skills
  6. Become a Top Contributor
How To Join Google Top Contributors
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