Friday, November 30, 2012

12:54 PM

Google Panda 22 Update
Today, I opened my Google Analytics account and I am very shock to see the site traffic because my website traffics have been doubled. I asked myself why my site traffics are getting too much traffic. Then I have checked the WebmasterWorld thread, over there SEO/Webmaster discussion about possible Google Panda update and now I am going to ask my SEO readers. Are you looking a pretty large decrease or increase in your organic traffic? If yes or no, but there are some rumors going around in the blogger community about the Google Panda 22th algorithm update. It makes sense, Google told Barry Schwartz about ten days ago we thought we saw was not a Panda update but we should expect a Panda update in about 7-10 days. Well, it is about ten days and the forum is buzzing about it.

Barry Schwartz emailed to Google to get the update about Google Panda 22 whether its confirmed report or not then they told that the Panda update occurred around November 21st, so a lot less than 7-10 days from when he asked. It was less than two days after he asked to Google.

Google officially confirmed that Panda#22th is finally updated refresh on November 21, 2012 - version number 22. Still, SEO community is waiting about Google tweet but there is no tweet on twitter at Google official twitter account. Google didn’t release any kind of Panda update information.

Google told to SEO Gurus that the Google Panda#22 update affected around 0.8% of queries in English were impacted by this. This new Google Algorithm update will be affected on all across the worldwide. As all of you know that this is not a first time update by Google team. When we see on other coin side several of the bloggers and webmasters saw a slight decrease in their traffic.

Google Panda #22 Update Tips by SEM and SEO News:
  1. Remember original content always king
  2. Don’t make spam and false comments in term of backlinks
  3. Be creative and original, don’t copying content from other webmaster sites.