Friday, November 2, 2012

1:50 PM

Windows 8 Launches & Google Gets Nervous

Microsoft Windows 8 Vs Google
As everyone aware that mobiles are taking over as the popular internet devices, folks have a valid reason to trust that desktops aren’t attenuation out anytime soon. Last weekend, Microsoft launched Window 8 OS to consumers. In my opinion Microsoft’s has betted big on Windows 8 and now being the controller of the majority of world’s desktop, It is Microsoft lasts OS and on of their most crucial changes to OS ever. It sits on lot of power – plenty to make Google concern. Can anybody upgrade Windows? Yes or No! Those who have already switch to Window 8, they know that Microsoft done a good job of incorporating Bing search app right in the covered start interface. Microsoft also launched a teaser video to show the ability of the new Bing app. It has a video on “how to find out using Bing on Windows 8 and how different interface is: Check it out –

Google got a bit nervous about the launch of Windows 8. It wanted to make sure users knew how to figure out Google using Windows 8 then it launched the ‘Get Your Google Back‘ site back.

Microsoft Windows 8 Google Chrome

Why Google launched this? Because it wanted to inform people about how they can get the Google experience back on Microsoft Windows 8. Google has shared two apps - the Google Search App and Google Chrome. When you use Google search app then it asks you to put them on the main screen so that you can shift back to Google on Microsoft Windows 8 fresh interface. The techniques have already taken these methods. There are a vast number of folk out there who’re going to stay with what Microsoft’s offering to them.

Here is a video Google also released to support it:

Now its depend on readers to decide either Google’s acting nervous about Microsoft Windows 8 and Bing Search App on Microsoft or it’s just an Intelligent business move from Google?