Friday, November 2, 2012

3:29 PM

Subdomains vs Subdirectories
Once again Google’s Matt Cutt has posted a fresh Webmaster Help video about subdomains vs. subdirectories. It’s a subject Google has discussed about several times in the past, but as Matt Cutts mentions in the Webmaster Help video, it’s been a while, so maybe it’s worth returning.

 The SEO user presented question he’s replied:

I am wanted to ask about how Google presently views subdomains — either there’s any difference b/w a site structured as a group of subdomains and one structured as a group of subdirectories.

They’re more or less equivalent, says Matt Cutts. I would essentially go with whichever one is easier for you in terms of configuration, your CMSs, [and] all that sort of stuff.

If you want more information about subdomains vs. subdirectories, you can view the video for a more complete answer.