Monday, November 5, 2012

6:12 AM

Everyone knows Michael Martinez in SEO industry. He is considered as a pioneer in this industry and he’s writer of ( He has posted a nice yearly article that gives out 20 hardcore seo tips for peoples to advance their search engine optimization (SEO) skills. Personally I am not at his stage yet, but I am sharing you some hardcore techniques and tips for search engine optimization (SEO) newbie will be helpful to sharpen your skills and to know what is required of a junior SEO analyst or SEO executive. Now you can read out 10 hardcore search engine optimization (SEO) tips, in no specific order.

10 Hardcore SEO Tips For Newbie

Hardcore SEO Tip #1: Make A List of 5 Websites to Mine Keywords

What: Avoid all the ordinary keyword tools such as Google Trends, Keyword spy, SEObook, Google adwords, Market Samurai, longtail Pro, Wordtracker, Google insight and so on. Google recommend, Google related searches etc. Take 5 websites where you think you can learn about new keywords or conversations occurring in your niche. These websites can be blogs, forums, company blogs, email marketing and newsletters etc.

Why: Most of us depend on keyword tools to assistance us with keyword analysis and research. Even so, advance keyword analysis and research reply on understanding the conversation flowing in your niche market. Knowing where to view these keywords flows help you to predict what is arriving, what is already past and what are the uncommon word used by the market to elaborate the similar thing.

Hardcore SEO tip #2: Use 20 Different Terms In The Similar Article To Explain A Common Subject

What: Now you can write an article about a concentrate subject and use 20 different words to explain the subject. You can common changer, adjective etc. For example, if you are willing to write on the best SEO books. Use 20 different ways to substitute with the word ‘best’ such as top, best viewed, most liked etc.

Why: Folk get grabbed up in the position game because they focus too much on a specific word. Our job as a search engine optimization (SEO) is to sketch in more SEO traffic, not in caring about ranking for any single keyword. There are so many ways to do this is to understand that people use different words and mixing to explain the similar thing. By exercising how to distribute different keywords in the similar content without keyword stuffing, you will improve your long tail traffic and see for yourself how different folk really used words.

Hardcore SEO tip #3: Create 5 What If Posts

What: View at your niche and forecast 5 news that can occur in the upcoming 3 to 6 months. Now write 5 articles about it as if the news occurred.

Why: Only SEO can look into hereafter and forecast what keywords will issue. If you want to better position to leverage on the buzz then you prepare your content in advance because whenever news happens then you quickly release your article on internet.

Hardcore SEO tip #4: Pick 5 keywords From Your Google Analytic That Didn’t Have A Same Article

What: Watch via you Google analytic and search for 5 keywords that you didn’t have an article which address it. Write 5 fresh articles that provide more data and information about these 5 keywords. Return back after a couple of weeks to see if you have more audience surrounding these 5 keywords.

Why: Since your website\blog begins to receive search engine audience, you will have more than plenty keywords to construct more content on. Learn how to mine your own statistics to create useful content that makes your website\blog more complete.

Hardcore SEO tip #5: Write a post series

What: Write down a 5 post series with the similar article headline and a different headline. Like

  • How to start a company part 1 - Picking your niche 
  • How to start a company part 2 – Knowing your rivals 

Why: You will get experience what it means to have your content made relevant for particular subjects and how to impact your search engine audience traffic. SEO is not 100 percent about backlinks and this practice will let you see how solid relevant content is.

Hardcore SEO tip #6: See At How The 5 Top Sites In A Competitive Niche Organize Their Content

What: Take up the top 5 websites or blogs in your niche and watch at how their website/blog content is managed. Make notes about internal parts, navigation, sidebar, and internal backlinks. If you can’t learn anything, try another 5

Why: In competitor niches, everything’s matters including onsite seo. This exercise let you see how to really organize content to make it simple and easy for search engines to search and index your content. It will also let you measure how utile a websites figure is from a user view. Then use what you experiences on your site/blog.

Hardcore SEO tip #7: Write An Article That Can Accomplish First One Position For At Least 5 Expression

What: Take any subject you have griped about and write about it. Use your knowledge to reply questions that seekers might be looking for. After a month, check your statistics to see if the article ranks at first page for at least 5 unique expressions. No backlinks allowed.

Why: If you can note down your search traffic for at least 5 unique expressions with each article, you will understand why simple developing more helpful content can help in your seo without doing any backlinks. You will also look how in depth information can create expressions that a person outside the field will not produce, if your content is not position for anything, whether you lack information about the subject.

Hardcore SEO tip #8: Post 3 Crappy Feedback And 3 Thoughtful Feedback

What: Pick out 6 working blogs and reply a comment each. Make 3 of them crappy such as the frequently used “nice post” and make the other 3 as heedful as you can. View at your referral part and compare one group’s referring traffic with the other.

Why: Most SEO peoples only view blog comments as links and failed to see them as a true way to build real traffic and visibility for the site and doing this things will let you see what a genuine heedful comment can do to your traffic. Do this frequently and you will look why it is valued you time to leave thoughtful comments, rather than spam them with more anchor text backlinks.