Monday, November 5, 2012

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Travel Apps

If travelling is the only thing that you do, then you must be in need of some cool apps that can reduce those stresses that are invariably associated with venturing a brave new world. You may never know things may take an ugly turn and you may find yourself stranded in the midst of nothing and cursing yourself for not taking any precaution. Do not be such a fool. Here we are going to share some cool apps that you need to have in your cell phone to sweeten up your journey:

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

Do you hate to pay extra for sending and receiving messages while travelling aboard? If this is the case, you need to install this amazing app in your cellphone and you are done. With this app, you will be able to send and receive messages to your friends and family and that too at no extra cost. And what is all the more interesting is that you can send and receive audio and photos with this app as well.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Free Wi-Fi Finder
However, I am not supporting this, sometimes it may happen that you are desperately in need of internet connection and you are unaware of the free Wi Fi connection available right on the spot. This is bad and for that reason, I suggest you to try this super cool app – Free Wi Fi Finder. But please do not reap off the poor guy who might have mistakenly forgot to secure the Wi Fi connection with password. A word of caution. Never ever try to break the password of a Wi Fi connection as this could make you land in jail.


Kayak App

This is another amazingly incredible app that worth your time. By harnessing the power of this app, you will be able to search by different criteria. However, there is a small chink in its armor. This app can only be used for research purpose; if you are to book a service, you need to do it from a computer. But this is a small downside of this amazing app that we can ignore easily given its other benefits.


TripIt App

You arrive at the airport and then you realize that you cannot remember properly where you have put the details of hotel reservation and confirmation number. This app put together all the detail and combines them into a single entity. Apart from the details furnished by you, it can store things like driving directions, maps, weather and a lot more.


GateGuru App
This is another fascinating app that will save your skin while you are in an airport. With this innovative app, you will be able to locate stores, services and eateries easily and the icing on the cake is that it will let you know the rates assigned to these stores by other travelers. And if there is any discount or deal is available, you will also be made aware of it.


LocalEats App
This app is my favorite while travelling abroad. Sometimes, it may happen that you do not feel like eating out in a posh restaurant rather; you could be in a mood for trying something new. In that moment, you need to have this app; it will show you up lesser known restaurants that have got good feedbacks from other travelers.

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