Monday, November 5, 2012

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Facebook software came across some suspicious activity in March this year. Apparently, there was an adult male, in early thirties, who was found chewing the fat about sex with a minor, a 13-year old girl from South Florida while the pedophile was looking forward to see her after her classes the next day. The Facebook technology that we’ve all heard little about is ostensibly quite extensive in that it is capable of scanning posts and chats for any criminal activities as it automatically flagged the conversation in this case, whereby the employees were able to read it and call the cops. Police took custody of the teen’s PC and the man was arrested. The man alleged of pedophilia has been noted to plead innocence to several charges of soliciting a minor.

What about privacy?

The ‘security measures’ by Facebook appear to be a godsend in the given situation but otherwise they would cause huge privacy concerns, with many of the social network users raising eyebrows as to how much information should we confide in these biggies. Facebook, among others, is a company introducing several technological advances and monitoring mechanisms meant for queering such sex marauders. According to Joe Sullivan, the chief security officer, Facebook’s software works through relationship analysis and archives of actual chats preceding the sexual assaults.

The company’s stance

It is no surprise that Facebook is generally averse towards publicizing its safety endeavors in order to keep paranoia amongst its users at bay, also to avoid privacy issues considering that it does not catch many criminals. According to the company, it has never wanted to have an environment whereby employees go through personal information of the users, therefore the usage of a technology that does the job with a low false positive rate is quite significant. The social network doesn’t dig into what appear as already existing relationships. However, a lower rate of false positives at the same time can correspond to several shady interactions going unnoticed.

How to keep our kids safe?

The court records also clarify that some adults have made use of Facebook to locate several minors before being able to assault any of them and being identified by the victims’ parents or the victims themselves. A police officer from Florida explained about the tips from companies like Facebook that for every single culprit they arrest, the officer feels that there are at least ten that get through undetected. The conundrum that the police officer faces can be helped to be resolved through a greater use of social media news and keeping social media marketing in line with the ethical standards that we find necessary to keep the e-society functional. One of the foundational factors in Facebook’s strategy is to deal with the limitations that should be in place for its under 18 users and the measures that need to be taken to make them harder to find. The features already in place allow minors to slip through the public searches, they can receive messages only from friends of friends and only friends get to chat with these younger members. However, the inevitable problem here is that younger members can fake a birth date and pretend to be older, while the older ones can pretend to be younger.

Still there are ways to do away with such problems as several advances have been made with the purpose of verifying the age of internet and application users. Aristotle International Inc. is a firm that provides a number of methods in this regard, including giving parents the ability to vouch for their children and make token payments with their credit cards to get their identities verified. Parents can also make use of computer monitoring software and mobile spy software in order to know about their children’s activities and protect them better.

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