Thursday, December 20, 2012

5:25 AM

Indeed It Works! The Google Disavow Tool Removed Manual Penalty

Google Disavow Links By SEMandSEONews

If you are still living in SEO world then you should know about disavow link tool, which was launched in mid-October. I have seen the several complained about this tool, it doesn't work properly but it looks like it does indeed work.

Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO, that person is incredible and honest, published in Google+ thread that he used this tool for a site and it helped it get out of a manual link penalty.Dixon wrote:
I have got a manual penalty lifted... which had a positive impact from a really bad place. There is no doubt that the site in question has not returned to previous levels from before the penalty... but then again it had a manual penalty for a reason!
I asked Dixon Jones for more explanation, he explained:
I worked hard to remove the bad links - but was unable to move them all. So I documented the efforts in the disavow file and then gave time for the disavow file to take effect in the index. +Uri Lederman I was directly told in the re-inclusion email that I had a manual penalty which was now lifted. +Cody Cahill Now - many of the bad links still exist - but are now presumably disavowed - so causation v correlation seems strong. Plus - still nothing concrete - but look at who did a +1 on my initial comment ;)
 Now, I think this should work for a manual penalty pretty instantly. Those who want it to work for a Google Penguin link penalty need to wait for a new update about Google Penguin. There is a thread in Webmaster World, where you see the Penguin and Disavow subject itself.

I got various responses from readers that this tool is working pretty good and should work with Penguin if used in right way and when there is a data refresh or update.