Thursday, December 20, 2012

2:50 AM

Bing Image Search Arrives On Bing and Hurts Image Owners

I am wondering that day by day Bing is changing its site but ZERO visitors so, how it survive in search engine industry. I am curious about that. Now once again Bing has change this image search, when you search on Bing Image Search and click on an picture then you will get a nice large display of the picture even you also make it to full screen. Here is image screen shot:

Bing Image Search Puppies
Bing Image Search Upset Image Owners

Yesterday, Bing announced this news and saying this makes for a better user experience but my question first they attract users then users start to use this image search. Bing has added some fresh features like full size image, faster loading time, easier navigation from one picture to the next, and displays you size previews on the screen.

Now however users might make for an improve searcher experience, webmasters are not glad. I don’t think users like this and use frequently for images because they are even getting a pageview from it.

An image search expert at WebmasterWorld calls for webmasters to lock Bing from crawling and indexing their pictures. He explained why:
One thing is sure if you care about your images you would block all SEs like you, thats for sure. How Bing now "steel" you images is just ridiculous, they know they take a lot of visits/income from webmaster sites, but I thought we would see such a move from google first.

I think this is not first time Bing displease image owners, they did so in April 2011

Big and Beautiful

Old vs. New
Bing Old Image Search Polar
Old Bing Image Search
Bing New Image Search Polar
New Bing Image Search