Thursday, December 27, 2012

11:52 AM

Google Mobile Smartphone With Blue Quick View Button

Google Mobile With Blue Quick View Button
I am wondering that Google looks to be testing a new feature which is called Quick View in their smartphone. This new features is placing a "Quick View" button, a pretty large one, in blue in the mobile smartphone search results. This feature load a page from the source website in a instantly method, in place of loading the full page, which might need huge time to download. IF anyone clicks on that button, it will load a mobile preview of the site. I want to do this but I don’t have smartphone now but here are images from Wissam.

The search result:

Google Mobile Quick View

When you click on the “Quick View” button, then you see the light weight version of the site page, perhaps the mobile version of Wikipedia?

Google Mobile Quick View1

SEO Guru, Barry Schwartz asked some question to Google, to solve out his problem. Questions are.
  1. Does the instant view landing page render a pre-fetched version hosted on Google's servers?
  2. If not, is it loading a mobile version of the web site on the source's server?
  3. How do sites get picked up to be granted one of those "Quick View" buttons in the mobile results?
Google spokesperson said,
We’re always working on ways to make the web faster, especially on mobile devices — this is one of the experiments we’re running.
Remember: Quick View, the terminology has been used by Google prior when seeing PDF files on Google’s search outcome.