Thursday, December 27, 2012

12:36 PM

Google: If Your Site Not Indexed or Ranking Doesn’t Show Up Cause Your Backlinks and Server Are Poor

You're Not Indexed Cause Your Links & Server Are Poor
Almost all SEOs know that backlinks are a very significant ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Backlinks can make or crack your website or blog,

Matt cuts replied to a query in the Google Webmaster Help forums elaborating just that.

The query was, why my new domain is not yet indexed and ranking in Google search engine.

Then Google’s Matt Cutts elaborated that Google has the site at a lower "crawl priority" than other sites in their index. Why? There are two grounds Matt explicated:
  1. Minimum backlinks indicating to the website.
  2. The website is hosted on a server that is under "pretty heavy load" and is decelerate to reply to Google Bot requests. 

Matt's provide some hint to the webmaster?
  1. Google wants more natural backlinks
  2. Change your website host
I think all SEOs know that. These is not new thing for me and of course others also but I am trying to confirm that from the horse’s mouth (if you will) and document them here.