Thursday, December 27, 2012

1:15 PM

Who Is Clueless When Google Updates Are Not Confirmed

Google confused and clueless

If you guys read my last post which actually based on pretty significant signs that there was a Google update algorithm and all other metric and third party services we assured afterwards indeed affirmed our findings.

But when Google replied, they said – sorry there was no algorithm update. On that I thought we were stupid or idiot and maybe we were in lala land, i.e. dreaming it up

Naturally, there was a Google update a week after that Google confirmed as a Panda update.

The query is, is it Google that is puzzled and uninformed or is it us? Or third party updated Google work?

When lots of folk see important vary in the Google search outcomes and Google is not in sense of anything that may have caused it – it makes you wonder that Google is whether uninformed or they are concealing something from us.

I think 50% feel Google is concealing something and 50% feel someone is puzzled.