Friday, December 28, 2012

12:10 PM

Case Study For Your Website, Its Really Useful And Helpful

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Are you guys learning SEO methods? Yes or No because SEO is not a rocket science, it is something which you learn with practical experience and its more practice’s. Several things which I have learned with time and efforts and the best practice of SEO is long tail keywords because its work better and more over backlinks created through commenting helps you a lot.

Here I have used similar techniques with some new projects but now I wanted to see if I can create another page rank for new projects for using similar technique like blog commenting but without working too much on it. As a test project I began with creating backlinks just by commenting and nothing else.

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The domain which I’m talking about is which is going to be my next project for some service.

Domain Details:
  • Domain bought on: 19/02/2010
  • Domain Page rank as of Sep 27th 2010
  • Domain name:
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Theme: Thesis WordPress Theme
  • No. of Posts- ZERO
This domain was purchased 7 months before and when we start writing it has a PR of 3 with total no. of posts equal to ZERO. I know it astonishing but this page rank 2 is an outcome of a SEO test.

I implemented simple idea is by blog commenting because only blog commenting is the best way to drive traffic and build backlinks for your domain. For my site I used various High PR blogs and specially one using top commentator or recent commentator WordPress plugin. After applying this technique like backlinks from few high Page Rank sites and within a month, that fresh domain page raised to 3 from 0.

Page Rank and Traffic:

As you know that everyone want high page rank sites for commenting and high page rank sites helps you to drive traffic but I am not complete agree with this myth. Think the above mentioned blog which have PR3 and you must be expecting at least 100-1000 visits a day. But the phenomenon is at this moment this fresh domain doesn’t have even 50 traffic/month.

Other Steps which I followed:
  • Used SEO Optimized/Friendly WordPress theme: Thesis Theme
  • Created Sitemap for Blog
  • Submitted Sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Added Meta tags
  • Onsite SEO optimization of WordPress
In A Nutshell:

Blog commenting or other commenting system definitely helps you a lot in getting Page Rank and constructing backlinks. If you build high quality backlinks, opportunities are high to get a page rank within next PR update.