Friday, December 21, 2012

10:07 PM

Download, Archive & Search All Your Twitter Tweets

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Recently, Twitter has been announced another new feature for twitter users. It is rolling out a “Download all your Tweets” feature.

If anyone wants to download their archive then check out your setting area and look for the new “Your Twitter archive” feature:

Twitter Setting

You may occur some problem while downloading your tweet archive so, Don’t be surprised if you get an error message like this:

Twitter Setting-1

Keep attempting until you are not getting a success screen that allow a link you can use to download the twitter archive

 Twitter Setting-2

You’ll then get an email like this:

Your Twitter Archive Download Is Ready

Then show you download page:

Twitter Setting-3
After download your tweet archives, a ZIP file downloaded, when you click on your file, you will see a readme file with these tips:
# How to use your Twitter archive data
The simplest way to use your Twitter archive data is through the archive browser interface provided in this file. Just double-click index.html from the root folder and you can browse your entire history of Tweets from inside your browser.
In the `data` folder, your Twitter archive is present in two formats: JSON and CSV exports by month and year.
* CSV is a generic format that can be imported into many data tools, spreadsheet applications, or consumed simply using a programming language.
## JSON for Developers
* The JSON export contains a full representation of your Tweets as returned by v1.1 of the Twitter API. See for more information. * The JSON export is also used to power the archive browser interface (index.html). * To consume the export in a generic JSON parser in any language, strip the first and last lines of each file.
To provide feedback, ask questions, or share ideas with other Twitter developers, join the discussion forums on
Select that index.html file is fairly easy.

Twitter Download

You also scan your archived tweets by date or even search them: Here is a sample screen shot.

Twitter Tweet Archive Page

If anybody doesn’t see this feature yet, Twitter says to hang in there. It’s pushing our slowly, beginning first with a small percentage of users who have their language set to English. Twitter promised to go worldwide “the coming weeks and months.” My Pakistani reader also sent me email about this feature because he doesn’t see this feature in their twitter account.