Thursday, January 17, 2013

2:53 AM

SEO For Facebook Search Graph

Yesterday was a surprising day for me because once again Facebook announced their search engine named Graph Search. Why Facebook launched this tool? Anyone knows that… I think no because recently market watch posted on their site that Facebook lost 1.4 million active users in U.S. I don’t why Facebook was lose too much active users in U.S but this news is crucial for everyone either your are entrepreneur or small businessman.

Yet, I haven’t checked the Facebook Graph Search preview but in fact there are dozens and dozens of write ups on how it works and why it works as it does.

Danny also wrote on Facebook Graph search and Matt already published SEO tips for Facebook search. How anyone use this new tool for SEO?

In a nutshell, look at this video:

Did SEOs become aware of it? Of course they should. I feel that this is early stages of what Facebook Graph Search can do. Currently, this tool is limited to folks, photos, places and interests. I am surprised to see that they don’t have events or posts enabled in search or several of the other gated Facebook content.

So the most crucial face for SEOs to take notice on this is the spots. Building the local business come up. How? Obviously location and likes are significant.

Everyone should observe, Bing also plays an important role when it falls outside of people, photos, places or interests, Bing is the search engines. Are you hungry to know? Then Bing Blog is good for you.

What are you waiting for try Facebook Graph Search yourself, sign up for the beta over here. It may takes days, weeks or months to be approved.