Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2:49 AM

Alert By Google: Don't Let Bad Sites On Your Domain Name

Host Bad Sites On Your Domain Name
I think many of you don’t know about hosting cons, if you take any wrong step. Suppose you hosting bad sites on your own domain name then what happen? Either it’s good for your site or bad for your site.

For Instance:

If I will give permission to someone to put their site on that would be a not good choice, not just for, but bad for

John Mueller Said:
With regards to other websites hosted within your website, Googlebot doesn't differentiate between accidentally hosting that kind of content within your site and doing it on purpose. If those are really sites that you do not want to be associated with, then I'd recommend making sure that they are not hosted within your domain. If those are sites that you want to fold into your main site, then I'd recommend setting up 301 redirects to the new URLs on your main site.

I just remind you guys, think about it