Wednesday, February 20, 2013

11:19 AM

Windows Live Writer

This time I provide you amazing blogging tool, this tool compatibility for both either you are using Windows user or Mac user, I am belonging to Windows user. Now tool name is Windows live writer, I have used this. This tool is a desktop blog editor, which supports several blogging platform including BlogSpot and WordPress. I know that some of them are not aware about this tool and some of them are know that but they not try it, now it’s too easy to use. If you want to learn about what is Windows live writer, pros of Windows live writer and fully windows live writer and WordPress CMS configuration guide.

Now, beginner’s ask question about this tool, how we do SEO of post when we are using Windows live writer for blog publishing. When I had started using Windows live writer as beginner blog writer but time to time I learn myself about this tool, on that time I had similar questions like you. I don’ remember exact time and years, and now WordPress SEO plugin All in one SEO was the best plugin at that time. You also see various new plugins like WordPress SEO by yoast, SEOPressor replaced All in one SEO.

Windows live Writer Blog Post SEO

Here I mention you one SEO plugin which work on Windows live writer along with all in one SEO plugin, that is call AIOSE but this plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years, and I am not fully confidence to use it anymore. If you want to use it then its your choice but there is no other alternative plugin or extension to do search engine optimization of a blog post right away from Windows live writer editor.

If you remember I mentioned in above paragraph about Mac OS, I am sorry to say that Windows live writer doesn’t support directly so, here I would recommend you to use this tool on Windows, if you want to use it.

The only way to do effective SEO of post is write quality article, don’t ignore heading (H1 and H2) and add good keyword density,