Wednesday, February 20, 2013

11:53 AM

Google Panda #25 Coming Today? Maybe

Google Panda 25 on 20 feb 2013

Yesterday, an ongoing discussion about increase in Googlebot crawl and also some ranking ups and downs in WebmasterWorld thread.

We are just spend 30 days from the previous Google Panda update, Panda #24 and now Google ready to blast more Panda update, maybe this update hit today or tomorrow.

We always have seen that before update by Google, this type of discussion is starting and also Googlebot activity. The emerge is, almost 5 month before the last confirmed Penguin update was update by Google, so that’s why several webmasters are unsure about this.

There are other tools also shown some fluctuations in their activity like Mozcast displayed some action the other day, so did, therefore SERPMetrics doesn’t mention activity in their tool and now Digitalpoint is also showing changes in their site ( check out "Search Engine Rank Changes" widget).


Mozcast Changes on 19 feb 2013 changes on 19 feb 2013


Digitalpoint Search Engine Rank Changes
Is there any Panda update and ready to blast us? I am confuse but only Google can verify that.