Friday, February 8, 2013

12:57 AM

In Google Webmaster Tools, All Home Page Links Missing


Yesterday, there were various numerous rumours and worries were shouting around in the blogger community over the quantity of backlinks being reported within the Google Webmaster Tool>>>“Link to Your Site” section. Plenty of SEOs were demanding that they have seen 70 to 80% declines in their number of backlinks within the Google Webmaster “Link to your website” section.

I and other webmasters demanded that all backlinks are correct, but were huge tensioned out. Why Google Webmaster tool is not showing backlinks in >>>“Link to Your Site” section? I have searched out that bloggers did plenty of discussion on several forums and communities that the Google Webmaster forum. After reading and judging these discussions, now no need to freak out or panic yourself because it’s just a variation that is causing the whole consequence. There are several websites which come under our network and are also eye-witness the similar scenario.

If you have checked your webmaster tool section which come under traffic and where Google has halted reporting those backlinks which are indicating to your homepage. As you already know that our home page attracts the most amounts of backlinks. Now Google has stopped showing those home page links, your backlinks count may decline significantly. When you will have time to log in to your Google Webmaster account and choose "Link to Your Site” under "Traffic" and then watch out the "Your most linked content" you will observe that there is no homepage backlinks listen. Strange and weird, don't you think?

 After analysis all discussion Google’s employee, “John Mueller eventually” responded in a WebmasterWorld thread that this is a display bug but needs to make sure. He wrote:
Thanks for the report, Anne (and thanks for escalating, Stevie!). This looks like an issue with how the data is displayed in Webmaster Tools, it shouldn't affect your site's crawling, indexing or ranking. I don't have any specifics at the moment, but the team is looking into the details to see what we can do here. Thanks for your patience & sorry for the confusion!
I am not completely sure about he give justification on Webmaster Tool bug because they are running a Giant company and they should know that what are the problem behind. I am just praying to God, he will reply it sooner because it looks like a bug.