Sunday, February 10, 2013

7:43 AM

On and Off Page Techniques
Have you know that bloods are very vital for body just like blogs are very important in every website. If you have blog in website then they have become very famous because blogs are user and SEO friendly. You need just one click publishing almost everybody can make a blog in their website. But here is a problem what? Everybody can create a successful blog. For any blog to drive in traffic you need to integrate SEO (search engine optimization) methods to make your blog see-able in search engine results and get audiences.

You need to focus on six basic components that you should work on to be able to create a blog that will place well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Following are the components which you need to focus while working on SEO.

  1. Keywords
  2. Descriptions
  3. Title tags
  4. H1 tags
  5. Keyword density
  6. Keyword placement
Use LSI Keywords:

LSI KEywords

Choosing the correct keywords for your website blog can do wonders. Select a good set of keywords that you wonder users will write in when they search for information on the internet. For instance, if your website is about “SEO Marketing”, then list keywords phrases that you think people will use in search engines along with words. Make keywords diversity of these keywords. After researching these keywords use a keyword tool such as Google Keywords Tool and so on to look the intensity of searches of your selected keywords. I think you not know LSI I think so if not then learn about LSI, which is a good driving factor for On-page SEO.

Keyword Density And Keyword Placement:

Keyword Density And Keyword Placement
After the researching the selected keywords, you should display on your title, meta-tags, headline (H1 and H2), meta-descriptions, pictures and of course in the content itself. If you want to use keywords in content it then uses your keywords at least once per 100 words. Keyword density is anywhere from 1% to 3% of your website content’s total word count. Remember one thing content should be look natural not unnatural. It is also significant to add your keywords to permalinks or the URL of your blog. When using images, kindly use Alt tags and title to insert your keywords so it can assist your rank in image searches. Mostly searches drive form Google, so if you want more audience from Google then use above method for images.

Off Site SEO For Blogs:

Off Site SEO For Blogs

While applying all methods on your website page for SEO, you should also apply off site SEO techniques. Why use this technique in SEO because if you involve creating inbound links or getting other websites to link to your websites. Perfectly, the most important tips is while putting your links, it’s should be high ranking, relevant to what your website is about and connected using your selected keywords.

Quality Content:

Quality Content
The best and effective way to get link form other sites is to create quality and useful content, its look natural for bots and spiders. If your website has plenty of substance, webmasters can indicate to your website without you asking for it whether because your website is authoritative or it gives out helpful information. There are different link building campaigns such as blog and forum commenting. Furthermore, we also buy links from quality websites so you can accomplish a better ranking in search engine results.

You also use article directories for inbound links to your site or guest blogger is also good choice from other websites or you can also list your website in link directories.