Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10:09 AM

Google Image Search Traffic Drops 80% Since New Image Search Redesign

Google Image Search Logo

If you have seen that Google had launched their Google images redesigned a month ago and webmasters were not happy with this new interface of Google image search.

Now I have seen that people are asking and posting the question about how the new Google image search redesigned impacted their site traffic from Google image search, almost month before this redesigned has been updated.

One guy posted an image of the site traffic to his 99% image based website in a Google+ community thread displaying an 80%+ decline in traffic.

If you want to look image then click on it to enlarge:

Artbylena traffic from Google image-search-changes
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Likewise for the vast drop in traffic, his guy is getting more conversions or goals because users need to do more to look the site hosting the picture. That guy has shared the two goals:
  • Goal: More than 5 pages visited + 67.75%
  • Goal: More than 10 pages visited + 102.17%
What and how about other websites?

That guy has seen a decline in Google image search traffic by 40%. What have you looked?