Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1:22 AM

The Oscars 2013

On Sunday night, there is a big event for all Hollywood Actress and Actors because on that night various peoples to get The OSCAR Award. Who won the OSCAR award on that night? As you know that if there is a big event and search engines statistics didn't come, how its possible guys.There are various statistics which disclosed by Facebook, Twitter and Google.First we discuss about Google searched.


Top Five Most Searched Oscar Nominees, According to Google

Top 5 Most Searched OSCAR Nominees by Google

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Award 2013

Top Five Most Searched Red Carpet Dresses

Red Carpets Dresses Searched by Google

Top Five Tweets 
  1. Best Picture award for Argo: 85,300 TPM
  2. Adele performs “Skyfall”: 82,300 TPM
  3. Best Actress in a Leading Role for Jennifer Lawrence: 71,600 TPM
  4. Best Original Song for Adele: 64,000 TPM
  5. Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Anne Hathaway: 60,400 TPM
A look back at the Oscars
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The Facebook Oscar Infographic 

Facebook Oscar 2013 Trends