Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Google's First PageRank Update In February 2013

Google Page Rank Update on 4 Feb 2013

Everyone fed up due to back to back Google Panda Algorithm update but now it’s time to dance on the floor because recently Google has just pushed out Page Rank Algorithm update. Yes, all those who were waiting to look a huge variation in their Page Ranks. Now everyone is enjoying. Although, we didn’t get any verification from Google, but lots of webmasters are telling that Page Rank are updated so we can confirm that the first toolbar Page Rank update of 2013.Normally, Google do page rank update after every 3 months. The previous update was in November 2012 and before that in August 2012.

Various bloggers or some buddies of mine were sure about they get tremendous change to their Page Ranks, but their all expectations were failed because the out comes were not entirely unexpected. It’s not necessary that a person devoted with work and he or she get prominent results. Therefore, when a blogger spends most of his or her time in social networking, rather than researching on quality content, all knows that backlinks always a life blood. Now you decide, are you serious about blogging? Or you are just wasting time. If you want prominent result then you need more dedication toward your blogging. I want to some Page Rank Report of some top quality blogs.
Does High PageRank Helps in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Ranking?
I have researched on webmasters and they are thinking that if anyone has a High PR then they get good search engine ranking, which is not correct. To be frank, it’s wrong perceptions that are running in the brains of the blogger community toward search engine ranking. I am not completely sure about either its help in ranking or not. If you read Google web spam team guidance, it has clearly mentioned in their policy that “Quality Content is the main bloodline of getting high SERP position". Nonetheless, don’t feel angry and work hard next time.

Google PageRank Update 4 February 2013

How To Check Google Page Rank?

There are plenty websites which you use to check your site page rank. I would recommend few Google Chrome extensions that do an awesome job like PR Checker Extension, but if you want to check his PR manual then you can use online website which you gives you proper information about your Page Rank. I want to share you website which show you PR online then he can implement the following instructions.

Expected Google Page Rank ( PR ) Update In New Year 2012 & 2013

1- Google Page Rank (PR) Update of 2012:
Between 30 January, 2012 to 2 February, 2012

2- Google Page Rank (PR) Update of 2012:
Between 30 June, 2012 to 2 July, 2012

3- Google Page Rank (PR) Update of 2012:
Between 30 September, 2012 to 2 October, 2012

4- Google Page Rank (PR) Update of 2012:
Between 31 December, 2012 to 3 January, 2013

But In 2013
  • 28 February, 2013 – 2 March, 2013 - Arrived
  • 3 June, 2013 – 10 July, 2013
  • 30 October, 2013 – 2 November, 2013

Why aren't the Google Toolbar PageRank values updated more frequently? 

How do PageRank updates work?