Thursday, January 31, 2013

3:54 AM

Can You Build Too Many Links Too Fast?

Link Building

One SEO user is asking about backlinks quantity in Google forum so anybody knows about how many backlinks we should build? And one more thing is Google doesn't find that either we are doing spamming or not, it where you trip the “Link Velocity” door.

There is no figure which you use for creating number of backlinks. Think about it for a minute.

Have you checked that when new website launched then they get ton of outstanding press, which leads to tons of outstanding backlinks.

Now if Google finds out that all those baclinks and observes also a vast spike in news and social activity around the website, I think they know these backlinks are unethical, I assume that would take off the red flag.

Be careful when you do social activity, especially if they make it to the news, be careful.