Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8:54 PM

Now Nobody Add Or Edit Or Delete Their URL Parameters In Google Webmaster Tools

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Today, I want to change my URL parameter but when I opened my webmaster tool and click on URL parameter so over there I can’t add, edit or delete URL parameters within the interface then my head light opened and I think that it may be a bug in Google Webmaster Tools. AM I right or AM I right?

Then, I searched over internet about this bug then I got some article which mentioned the similar problem in their webmaster tool. This issue was started on January 24th, Thursday and also reported in different Google Webmaster Help threads.

When you open your Google Webmaster Tool then you click on URL parameter interface to manage your URL then you see the button to edit or delete or even add URL parameter is simple not available.

John Mueller is also aware about this and he said that he already sent this issue to the appropriate team. He wrote:
Thanks for posting. It looks like the buttons have gone missing for you there, sorry! I'll check with the Webmaster Tools team to see what we can do about that.