Monday, January 28, 2013

6:24 AM

Google Shuffle Being Reports: A January 17th Update U-turn?

I am feeling bad due to continually reporting on Google Algorithm updates. Over the past couple of weeks, Google search results have not been stable that’s why Google talk about 500 time updates per year.

There are various comments which I have seen over WebmasterWorld thread. Various peoples are saying that last weekend was an update. Some are saying Penguin related and some are Panda, others are saying whatever which we saw on around January 17th.

I am not understand that, its too early in the report but here are few comments from WebmasterWorld:
Up about 50% on a Pandalised site since 21st, seems like things have reverted back again for us today though.
Seeing quite bad (further) drops for my penguin affected site this morning. In fact, seeing a large shake up of SERPs all round.
Yep, shake up here too. Lots of gains from Panda still holding but only on lower traffic terms so, whatever this is, I'd say it started on the high traffic phrases and is working its' way down.
Wow, my UK results are different today. Long tail seems fine, this is affecting 1-2 keyword searches.

Recently Google Panda had rolled out on January 22nd, Is there Google fixing something or refreshing out a new update right now? Frankly, I am scared to keep asking Google :)

Have you checked Mozcast? I have checked and they are reporting huge shifts in Google on Thursday night:

Mozast January24