Sunday, February 17, 2013

6:02 AM

I have seen that majority of the website is only discussion about social media and its benefits, no one enter in deep but this time I mention you some facts and figures about social media. Actually there are plenty guys who are utilizing it and implementing it as component of their social media strategies, for instance social media agencies and advertising agencies. These guys are pioneer leaders in their field and they are also sharing about how social media is applied and performed in the today current market. These presentations are just magnificent. Now you enter in 15 amazing presentation on social media strategies but in these presentations you can see two scenarios. 1) How some of them dealing with and get answers about what is social media. 2) Last not least, in this you can incorporate social media to your niche industries.

  1.Social Media 2010: Competitive Advantage and Survival

 2.Obama Social Media campaign

  3. What the F**k is Social Media ?

 4. Social Media in Asia

 5. Web 3.0

6. Content Strategy for Social Media

7. SEO and Social Media

8. Brand Promotion and Reputation Management with Social Media

9. Tips - Social Media Presence with Facebook and Twitter

10. Social Media for Realtors