Friday, March 22, 2013

12:38 AM

Find Animated GIFs With Google Image Search

Google Images
There are lots of peoples who love animated GIFs images, who doesn't like animated GIFs? Seriously?

Well, Google declared on Google+ that they introduced another tool for image lovers, now you can search for animated images, as well as transparent images, utilize the advanced search option.

Now, I am gonna show you how you can access the animated filter within Google images:

Google Images animated

You are also seeing that the animated face palm by Google Matt Cutts:

Matt Cutt

If you want more animated images then visit the Verge, over there people are posting some interesting and fun animated GIFs images and one more thing is John Muellar at Google is having a fun time viewing the comments there.

Anyone have SEO related animated GIFs so, here you can share it? Share them below.