Saturday, April 27, 2013

12:52 AM

Google AdWords Support Adds Screen Sharing

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Google AdWords Support forum introduced the latest help feature from the Google AdWords staff . You can now reveal your display screen with the Google AdWords help staff.

The reason why will you should do this ? Straightforward . This way the AdWords help representative can teach you things on your screen like the way tos , or learn what your concerns are or even the find out if you are viewing rendering problems.

How will you start up it ? Google has a help document but fundamentally , when you are in the AdWords system , a Google representative can begin the screen share.

You may be triggered with this particular signal.

Google Adwords Screen Prompt

Then you definitely should be able to begin the display screen sharing with this screen.

Google Adwords Screen Start

You probably select the screen you want to share ( if you have numerous screens ).

Google Adwords Screen Pick Screen

Eventually , you can hinder the screen share any time by clicking on on halt.

Google Adwords Screen Stop

Google Support Representative Said:
We are excited to let you know about a new high-tech feature called Screen sharing.

While you're on the phone with an AdWords associate, he or she can invite you to share your screen. It's important that you install this plug-in for the Screen sharing to run seamlessly.