Saturday, April 27, 2013

12:28 AM

Google Drops Instant Previews Over Low Usage

Google Quick Previews , which gave searchers a sneak quick look of a website by floating over a magnifying glass image , has been removed due to minimal usage . Now Google has released a drop-down to view Cached or Similar results , or Share a page on Google+ .

Google Instant Previews launched in late 2010 and seemed like this :

SEW Preview

Google afterwards included Instant Previews to mobile , and video . These are generally also now removed .

An renew to Instant Previews in 2011 moved the magnifying glass further to the correct . At the same time , the Cached and Similar links emerged above the genuine preview .

There was no Share option , as Google+ had merely unveiled as an invitation only service . The Share hyperlink was after added beside the results in google .

The new dropdown selection appears to be this :

Google Instant Preview

Google Green Down Arrow
SEW Cached Share Similar Drop Down Google

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