Thursday, April 4, 2013

1:03 AM

Google's Cutts: Buying Links Doesn't Hurt???

Google Matt Cutt Buying Links Videos

A very recent video from Google's lead of search spam , Matt Cutts named If a website connecting to mine gets detected selling links , what goes on to my site ? That video essentially clarifies what happens if a site that sells links and Google knows it , what happens to a site that has links from the link selling site ?

In a nutshell , little .

Matt Cutts produced three points in this video :
  1. The link seller's web site should observe a toolbar PageRank downgrade 30% - 50% .
  2. The link seller's web site loses the power to send PageRank going forward .
  3. The links directing to your web site from the link seller's web site shall no lontger be counted and no longer help your web site.
But what about link purchasing penalties ? Well , undoubtedly Matt didn't talk about it in his 90 second video. It undoubtedly , regardless of my title , doesn't mean that Google won't dump out a penalty to someone who evidently buys links . But "typically" this is how Google manages it , they simply halt those paid links from assisting you , which can often feel like a penalty .

Here the Video: