Thursday, April 4, 2013

5:58 AM

Google Testing Cache/Similar Drop Down Links More

In February we disclosed this but it appears like the assessment Google is functioning to show "similar" and "cache" links in a drop down on the right side of the search snippet is beginning to increase.

Google Cache Similar Drop Down in Search Result

This image was from a video of it in action by tecnonetblog.

A webmaster observed it and submitted about it at WebmasterWorld saying:
Today I noticed a little drop-down arrow in my Google results right next to the URL. The options on the URL are "cached", "share", and sometimes "similar." More interestingly, in the results where I see this test, instant previews have been removed for organic results and are only available to the PPC advertisers. Makes sense to Google I'm sure, why allow users to cover up the right side ppc ads with an instant preview? I don't like that they've left the instant preview option in place for PPC ads. That's just one more paid "feature" to reduce the impact of organic.
What do you believe ?