Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10:53 PM

Google Search Now Orange & Blue (A Test)

Balls In Google Logo
Google is playing around with the search user interface once again.This is nothing new, they do user interface checks constantly. Yet this one is much more elegant.

Vibrant orange URLs and bright light blue heading tags in the search results?

Listed below are pictures from the video taken by Tecnonet:

Google Tablet Light Title in Search Result

Google Tablet Organe URL in the Search Result

The following is the video where you can also find out a new search tools feature for tablets:

The reaction on Google+ in the direction of this new UI is not great. One person said, "Not so enticing.," another said "not sure if orange would be pretty accessible to the color blind." But one person liked it, a Gator fan said "Gator colors how can that be a bad thing?"