Friday, April 5, 2013

1:22 AM

Are Animated Google+ Profile Pictures Acceptable For Authorship?

Google declared on Google+ two times that now you are able to utilize an animated GIF for your profile picture.

Now I gonna show you Google's Matt Steiner with an animated profile photo, as an GIF file:

Animated Google+ Profile Picture

Nice ? Sure. Geeky? Oh yeah! Yet I have an issue.

Google has told us that our authorship headshot has to be of some good quality. We know that Google applies the Google plus profile image most of the time as the authorship photo. We also know that many people will not consider animated GIFs suitable quality for a writer's headshot.

Will an animated GIF work for authorship in Google's search results snippets? If so, will Google only demonstrate one frame or let them be animated in the search results?

If I had to think? Google would not apply animated GIFs as authorship thumbnails in the search results.

I in my opinion might not be testing this.