Friday, April 5, 2013

12:30 AM

3 Tips to Attract and Retain Mobile Consumers

Mobile Commerce

On a daily basis mobile devices improve the way we buy online . As the market expands — 45% of American adults own smartphones — it becomes even more essential for businesses to adapt to
mobile payments.

Today's businesses require techniques that not only appeal to mobile consumers , but also maintain them , which can be immensely more rewarding . The truth is , attaining a new customer is six times more costly than maintaining one , a figure which should heighten the significance of faithfulness programs . But that isn't your first priority if your business is part of the shocking 55% of American small businesses that don't accept credit card payments . That's biggest revenue loss!

Check out the graphic below , studied and created by Merchant Warehouse,to find out more on how your business can grasp the mobile revolution and acquire hooked up customers.

Pulling Retaining Mobile Consumers
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