Monday, May 27, 2013

6:23 AM

Bing Search Update On May 22nd?

Bing Search Update

Last few days I looked two webmasters discussion about a Bing search update. Over there, they were discussing about domain clustering and Google penguin and possible webmaster have been concentrated on Google updates and forgot about Bing search update.

When I search out webmasterworld thread and got tweet directed to someone and said that several webmasters observing a possible Bing search update. Now question is did Bing really update their search algorithm or SERP results?

And then I checked two websites which are follows as @serpsapp and and when both generally indicate lots of variation with Bing result, the particular days named out by the Webmasters(i.e. May 21st going into May 22nd) did any one notice an increase in changes at Bing. The following are the charts:

SERPs Bing Result

SERPmetric Bing Result

Have anyone observed a change in your Bing traffic and ranking couple of few days?