Friday, May 24, 2013

6:31 AM

Everyone is searching for link building techniques and tips, right?

Yeah! That’s correct.

Link building is an essential part of SEO and of course important for SEO purposes. But make sure you getting links from good sources but it is not necessary that you get easily.

After Panda and Penguin, there are numerous techniques which were examine like article re-writing, purchase links and blog/forum comment spamming, all of them are dead. So now companies or SEO should not go for link building services as few quality link services guarantee to provide instant links at affordable rate but really they provide that from bad web directories.

  • Want quick link building then forget your website because it’s gives you a lot of pains, I mean, how can you get vast links at one night?
  • Before purchasing link building service, first check the background whether it’s trustworthy or not.
Now, you are thinking that why I am saying that because we should halt link building works for our sites?

Naa, that’s not correct. We still need to create backlink, but quality backlinks not useless links which harm our sites.

Link building tips that we generally follow are:
  1. Guest Posting. [Traffic and Great Quality Links]
  2. Article Marketing. [Traffic and Quality Link]
  3. Press Release Marketing [Traffic and Quality Link]
  4. Google Places Review writing. [Quality Links from Product sites]
  5. Social Bookmarking. [Targeted Traffic & Quality Links]
  6. Local SEO. [Targeted Traffic & Quality Links]
6 First Class Link Building Tips to Drive Massive Traffic [Outside Of The Box Thinking]

Even following the above link building tips you should also follow few of times we have included here.

The following are the link building tips – Out Of The Box

Create Scholarships.

Experienced Search engine optimization employees to be aware about .edu sites contain a lot of weight with Google. So if you can get back links from universities and institutes of higher studying, you’ll generally do better in the results in Google. Several educational institutions and universities have web pages on their sites focused on scholarships. So, you will create a scholarship and a landing page for it on your web sites. Then request universities to link to your scholarship.

Create Plugins and Widgets.

WordPress is the top notch .1 blogging platform and this means that there are a variety of websites that need cool plugins and widgets to energy their site. So it’s possible to do 1 task, all you just have to do is create a widget or plugin targeted for WordPress users which contains a backlink to your site ( a “powered by…” link ) . If your widget is beneficial, users will put it to use their web site and you get quick large back links.

Write Guides and Manuals.

Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? And especially if it’s something they love. Similarly, if you create a user guide for people who visit your site/blog, how helpful is it going to be for them? So I suggest you all to create a free manual for your visitors. This will not only get you links, but also leave a good impact on the visitor.

Create Attractive Pictures.

Web publishers and webmasters are normally looking for cool pics for their websites — specifically free pics . So devote a page on your web sites to pics that you took your own self, associated with your topic. Then provide away for free, with the caution that the user simply link back to the innovative source as credit. A web link is a little value to pay for a free superior pic and most web publishers and websites will eat it up.

Start Theme Designing.

For instance Plugins and widgets, this approach also works well , the truth is it works more advantageous . If you’re fantastic in theme designing than you’re on how to earn a number of backlinks. What you should do is connect a backlink to your blog on the theme’s footer. That’s it.

Create Quality Videos.

Of course, this is exactly a powerful way to obtain back links. If you've video making understanding then you can definitely create videos of how-to guides and other essential things. Then submit the video on YouTube and maximize the video for better visibility and link your web blog to that to enjoy good traffic. Sure, Youtube back links are of good quality and they have more ranking, therefore you can get more traffic.

Return back to link building tips, I will say that backlinks shouldn't invariably be reached by reaching websites and calling for backlinks, or even by doing many guest posting rather you should go for few good ‘Outside Of The Box Thinking’ link building thoughts to increase your website.